About Tarcher

An imprint at Penguin, Tarcher is one of the premier publishers of mind, body, and spirit titles. We publish around 50 titles each year, covering a broad spectrum of topics including self-improvement, spirituality, current affairs, relationships, esoterica and occult, wellness and health, creativity, prosperity, sex, science, memoir, and parenting.

Jeremy P. Tarcher founded his eponymous company (now an imprint) in 1973 in Los Angeles, CA. Focusing on health and philosophy, with a strong emphasis on the Human Potential movement, Tarcher was a leader in the mind/body/spirit arena with such ground-breaking books as Chop Wood, Carry Water, The Aquarian Conspiracy, and Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines. Over the years, the company has expanded to include a wide-range of lifestyle books and serious non-fiction by leading thinkers and scholars.

Putnam purchased Tarcher in 1991, and the offices were moved to New York.  Mr. Tarcher remained head of the company until 1996, at which time Joel Fotinos was named Publisher. Tarcher/Penguin is now an imprint of Penguin Group USA. Our diverse and talented editorial team includes Editor-in-Chief Mitch Horowitz, who focuses on world religion, political, esoteric and metaphysical titles, and Executive Editor Sara Carder, who publishes memoir, health, lifestyle and conscious parenting books.

Popular authors include Betty Edwards, Jacob Needleman, Julia Cameron, Daniel Pinchbeck, and David Lynch, to name a few. Among its numerous national bestsellers are The Artist’s Way, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Seven Years in Tibet, The Faith of George W. Bush, and The Hard Questions. Recent bestsellers include 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Ultramarathon Man, Catching the Big Fish, The Power of Kindness, The Dumbest Generation, The Internet is a Playground, Transcendence and Dead Lucky.

The imprint also publishes the “Tarcher Success Classics” series, a collection of bestselling prosperity titles such as Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich; “The Cornerstone Editions” series which highlights the foundational works of ancient and modern spiritual literature; and the beloved “Ernest Holmes Library”.

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